In a state-of-the-art screening assay with human gastrointestinal cells, drug models were used to determine the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory agents extracted from plants. Perluxan was found to reduce pro-inflammatory bio-markers most efficiently, with a lower dosage, amongst a field of 20 botanicals.

After selection from the screening assay, the activity of Perluxan in humans was tested at the William Harvey Research Institute, Royal London School of Medicine in the U.K., using the gold-standard William Harvey Human Modified Whole Blood Assay (WHMA).

In pilot human oral dosing studies, Perluxan was found efficacious in reducing pain-causing biochemicals. 1,000 mg of Perluxan was evaluated to have a similar effect as two (2) 200 mg ibuprofen tablets, with a good tolerability and safety profile for gastrointestinal side effects.